Sell Dating Software

My name is Michael and in 2001 I created the dating software industry and have launched and sold many dating software companies including and

You reached this site because you yourself were thinking about starting a dating website. Well, let me tell you the cold truth. You will probably spend $1000 dollars or more to start it only to have it fail. Sadly 99.99% of dating site owners will fail because they don’t understand that the dating market is saturated but yet you as well as thousands of others are looking to buy dating software. What does that tell you? It tells you that dating software providers make the money, not dating site owners.

That’s where this new business opportunity comes in. Each month over 10,000 people search on Google and Yahoo for dating software. Now, with my help, you can be one of those dating software providers that makes the real money selling dating software. So how much money can you make?

Dating software companies like Skadate, ChameleonSocial, DatingPro and others are selling dating software for a reason. Because that is where the money is. On average they sell 15 to 50 units per month and with the average dating software package price of $1000, well, you can do the math. If you start a dating website you will never make that much money which is why I have created this opportunity for you.

I have now opened up a business opportunity for you to do what I’ve done for years and make guaranteed money doing it and that is selling dating software.

I will create your website on your hosting, add all the text and images, setup the demo and everything you need to sell dating software. You set your price point and you keep 100% of the money from the sales. There are no royalty fees or commissions.

This opportunity is limited and a set number will be sold after which I will no longer offer this opportunity. Please Contact me to get started.