Online Dating Business

Did you know that the Online Dating Business is a 4 billion dollar a year industry and shows no signs whatsoever of letting up. In fact, Online Dating Business grows more each year. Some put the growth at 3% each year. That’s pretty good considering the industry has been around for over 20 years. Growing this much every year for 20 years says a lot about the industry.

Are you looking to get into the Online Dating Business? There are many different facets of the Online Dating Business. You have dating software, white label dating, niche market dating sites, general dating sites, background checks and the list goes on and on. What I’ve seen in the last 20 years is the introduction of more and more niche market dating sites and with this more and more people are looking to buy dating software and there are only a handful of dating software providers out there.

Niche market dating sites are dating sites that are outside the normal general dating sites like, and others. Some examples of niche market dating sites would be sites that cater to a different crowd like Tattoo Dating, Disabled Dating and the list is pretty endless. People create dating sites around their hobbies which makes running an online dating website pretty fun and they need to buy dating software to do it. That’s where this business opportunity comes from.

If you’re seriously looking to be a dating software provider and cash in on this profitable industry then you need to get started quickly. No other dating software provider is going to give you this opportunity. Why? Because it would cut into their profits. Now you too can do what companies like SkaDate, AdvanDate, DatingPro, ChameleonSocial have been doing for years. Sell dating software and make a ton of money doing it.