Best Payment Gateways

Having been in the software development for over 25 years and the dating software development business for over 18 years, I’ve learned a few things and using the best payment gateway is key. As one of those investment companies say, “Learn from my prospective”. I have bundled this experience and I’m passing it all along to you to help you become a great dating software provider.

First things first. All these payment gateways can be used with your main website that I setup. You will just need to pick one or a few and offer these as payment gateway options for your customers to pay you for the dating software.

I’ll give you a little insight to PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout and ccBill. First things first, PayPal. I really don’t like the PayPal operations but there is a way to use them to your advantage when it comes to dating software sales via PayPal. The thing to remember is that to avoid chargebacks via PayPal, you want to send a a CD in the mail. If you’re charging say $900 dollars for a dating software package then you want to make sure people don’t come back to you 6 months later and want their money back. If you send them a CD in the mail with a tracking number then that is all PayPal needs to side with you if a dispute arises. While it’s always best to work with the customer and 9 times out of 10 it will all be fine, you will experience a chargeback or two throughout the year. By sending a cd tracked with a tracking number (Fedex, UPS, USPS) then you increase your chances of PayPal siding with you, the seller. Now this is only with PayPal. As for the contents of the CD, you don’t have to put anything on it since you would have already delivered the software to your customers who would have also downloaded it.

As for ccBill, you can use them. They are really good at making sure things are working well for you. The thing I don’t like is that they pay every Monday. Your first payment will take 2 weeks. Unlike PayPal and Stripe who send payments in just a few days. ccBill also has a great customer support department. Granted it’s overseas but they are always available. The last thing about ccBill that I dislike is their whole system. It’s convoluted and requires some effort to understand but as a whole they are pretty good.

Stripe is a good payment gateway too. Their system only takes a couple minutes to setup and once it’s setup you can forget about it. Like others they have sandbox mode (testing mode) that allows you to test with fake credit cards to make sure it works. The downside to Stripe is their support is email based. You won’t get someone on the phone.

As for 2checkout, forget about them. They’re not going to let you have an account if you’re dating related. Even though you’re not a dating site they still won’t let you. They think the word “dating” is bad so anything with dating in it they won’t allow but they’re not in the top 5 anyway so you can disregard them.

In closing, just make sure you have one or a few of these accounts. Setting up these accounts takes mere minutes. As a rule for me, I would use PayPal and Stripe. There are a lot of people out there that use PayPal so you want to make it easy for your customers to buy the dating software with PayPal and Stripe is the good credit card option so having these both activated will cover both areas.

I hope you liked this post and as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!