Make Even More Money

In this post I’m going to show you something yet again that dating software providers don’t want you to know and that is you will make more money selling custom dating software solutions. DO NOT LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE! Here’s how it works.

Having been in the dating software business since 2002, I have learned quite a bit when it comes to the dating business and the biggest money maker wasn’t selling dating software, it was selling dating software customizations. Sure there’s thousands to be made selling dating software but you’ll earn even more by selling custom dating sites.

When customers comes to your site looking to buy dating software, about 3 out of 10 customers will want custom functions and features added. When I was selling dating software, I would do on average three custom dating jobs per month and with the average custom job costing about $1500 then you’re adding an additional $4500 of revenue each month.

If you know PHP/MySQL then you can do these custom jobs yourself but if you don’t know programming then you can hire an overseas developer at a cost of about $700 per month. That means that if you sell a custom job at $1500 and you pay your developer $700 then you earn a profit of $800 on each custom job you do that is a month long.

Another thing to remember is that you will every so often get what is called a “Whale”. This is someone that comes to your site that wants a very large custom dating job. I would get around 2 of these per year. These are the guys that want a complete redesign based on their idea/mockups. I had one customer that spent $50,000 dollars over the course of 11 months.

So you have the cost to buy the dating software packages that you sell plus you have the added income of offering custom dating site jobs. This and big spenders will increase the amount of money you make per year selling dating software solutions. It’s not unheard of to make over $200,000 per year. SkaDate, ChameleonSocial, DatingPro are all doing it.

You know what the kicker is? The kicker is that you can do it all from your home. It doesn’t matter. You don’t need to have an office or huge staff. You can do it by yourself. If you want to know more simply contact me and I’ll let you know more about it.

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