Offer More For Less

There’s always a lingering question out there about how you can offer more for less. That means offering your customers more options that don’t cost you more. There are a few ways to do that and I’ll go over a couple options here.

The first one is the dating templates, are in this dating software case, the dating skins. I call them skins and not templates but I digress. There are 14 skins total. You can offer more skins simply by copying one of the skins folder to a new name. For example, take the Azora skin folder, copy it to a new name. Something like bluemist then simply replace the images in the skin image folder. There are two main images that you will see on the front of your site. Take the image, find a new one and then name it the same name and overwrite it. Now you have a brand new skin that you can offer out. You can even change the stylesheet to change the colors if you want to. It’s way too easy not to do this. Simply contact me and I’ll explain more on how to do this but offering more skins (Templates), you’ll increase the chances of selling more dating software.

The second option creating multiple packages. Maybe you want to offer free hosting for a year or two. Add a new package with a higher price and offer hosting. Since hosting is very cheap you could get yourself a VPS for about $49 dollars a month and you can add hundreds of customers to it. So if you have a Standard package that is say $399, then you can add another package, maybe called “Deluxe” and sell it for $599. You just created a bigger offer that doesn’t cost you much. Trust me when I say, people will want the options. Don’t just sell 3 packages, create quite a few. Don’t put them all on one page though. Put about 5 packages on one page with the most expensive on the left and the cheapest on the right. Then add a button or text link that takes them to other options/packages. Things you can add to other packages could be SEO work, premium support, voice support and the list goes on. The added packages option will earn you more revenue, guaranteed!

These are just a couple options you can use to offer more for less. Be sure to read my post Make Even More Money.