Dating Software Business Insights

By now you’ve watched my video and read some of the information that I’ve written about this untapped industry but I wanted to give you a bit more information about the dating software business and how these other dating software providers are killing it. This information is something that they don’t want you to know but I’m going to tell you here. 

How Are They Making Money?

The below screenshot is for three dating software providers. In this shot they are DatingPro, SkaDate and ChameleonSoftware. What you see in this shot is a Google search for “Dating Software” which you can do for yourself as proof. What you see in the shot are results that include Google Ads they run to promote their dating software. So, the question then is “Why are they running Google Ads?”. The answer is obvious. Because people are looking for dating software and they are running ads to get those potential customers to buy their dating software.

Dating Software Advertising

I’ll break down the pricing for a couple of them to show you exactly the kind of money we’re talking about.

SkaDate – Their basic dating software and their cheapest price is $999. That’s basically $1000 dollars for buying one dating software package. Curious to how many units they sell? I can tell you it’s over 30 units a month. Do the math! That’s over $30,000 per month in dating software sales. Now they will never tell you how many they actually sell but with the number of people looking to buy dating software and from my own experience, I can tell you that it’s somewhere in the 30 to 50 units per month range. That’s killing it! 

DatingPro – Their basic package is $500 dollars. Their next up package that they recommend is around $3000 dollars. They’re placing Google Ads as well because people are looking for dating software. Based on my experience they’re selling around the same number of units per month and that’s around 30 to 50 units. They’re also killing it. Again, these guys are selling dating software for a reason!

Don’t take my word for it. Go to Google and do a search for any of these keywords:

Dating Software
Dating Scripts
Start a Dating Site

Whether it’s Google or Bing, if you do a search for those keywords you’ll find ads for dating software. Why? Because people are buying dating software. Those are just the top 3 keywords for the dating software business. There are tons of other keywords that dating software providers use to target people looking for dating software.

Creating More Revenue With Add-ons

These dating software providers are not just selling dating software packages, they’re also making tons of money on extra add-ons like custom dating site development and dating site migrations. This means that if you’re a dating software provider you can earn even more revenue from custom development and site moves. 

Custom Dating Software Development

The providers are selling custom dating services for thousands more per month. A customer comes and buys a dating software package for $1000 dollars then they spend a couple more thousand dollars customizing it how they want it. Not every customer wants the same layout and structure so they want to change it up to fit their niche. So what do they do? They give them more money to do it. I can tell you from experience that 60% of dating software customers will want some form of custom work done. 

Existing Dating Site Migration

Another service that dating software providers charge for is a dating site migration. This is when a customer who has an existing dating site wants to move their dating site over to the dating software providers platform. This means that a developer has to create profile field mappings and then migrate the old dating site to the new dating site and again, companies like SkaDate, DatingPro and others are charging thousands for it. 

As a dating software provider, if you want to offer add-ons like custom dating development or site migrations, you’re going to need a development team unless you have one and while that might sound difficult, it’s not. It’s very easy. When I was running AdvanDate and WPDating, I used an Indian development team because it’s very affordable. It’s a company that I used for over 10 years. If you need a team then I can make the introduction so that you can also offer those custom services out to your dating software customers.

In Conclusion

The dating software business is a very profitable business and there are only a few providers in the space. Why? Because people don’t understand much about it. Sure they understand there are a lot of dating sites but they don’t know how they all started. Most started with the purchase of a dating software application and that’s why dating software providers are killing it when it comes to making thousands selling dating software. Because there’s a huge demand for it.

So if you’re ready to make real money then simply do some research. Research by searching on Google for the above keywords and you’ll see exactly what is going on in the dating software business and I’m here to help you get right there with them. All you need is a desire to be your own boss and work for yourself. 

Be sure to watch my video below to learn a bit more about the dating software business.