The Dating Business

The dating business is a unique business and one that does well for the dating software provider. Not so much for the person looking to start a dating site and that’s where you come in. By being a dating software provider, you’ll be providing dating software to those thousand of people every month looking for dating software to start a dating site. Check out my post on Dating Software Business Insights to get a better idea of the money being generated.

Why Do Dating Sites Not Make Much Money?

The average dating site owner will spend roughly $5000 to get their dating site started and that includes the dating software, hosting, custom changes as well as marketing only to have it fail. Most dating site owners will give up after a few months because they don’t realize that the market is saturated but yet they and thousands of others are buying dating software.

There’s also an instant gratification to the buyer to starting a dating site. In some cases they have grand visions that don’t play out because they don’t have the wherewithal but it doesn’t stop them from buying dating software. As a dating software provider you can sell them the dating software and that’s pretty much where you stop. What they do with the site is up to them at that point and again, most will give up. 

How’s your monthly revenue?

This is where the dating business becomes very profitable. Companies like SkaDate, AdvanDate, WPDating, DatingPro are selling dating software because that’s where the money is. On average, dating software providers can earn well over $10,000 per month.

How much revenue are you earning per month? You’ve heard it before so I’ll repeat it again, Invest In Yourself!

The Dating Business Is Profitable

As the numbers go, the online dating business brings in over $3 Billion dollars every year and that’s just for the US. That doesn’t include Europe and if you were to include Europe you’re talking over $4 Billion dollars per year. This is due to large dating brands like match, eharmony, okcupid, zoosk and others and that’s why the average person gets dollar signs in their eyes. They see how much these large dating brands are making and want a piece of the pie. Again, that’s where you come in. As a dating software provider you’ll be cashing in on that. 

When selling dating software you’re going to want to promote certain types of dating sites (Niche). People want to start niche dating sites because it’s easier to market those types of dating sites. These dating site owners usually start a niche dating site that revolves around their hobbies and that’s where you’re going to sell a lot of dating software. 

When someone comes to me to buy dating software and they tell me that it’s going to be a generic dating site I tell them to not go down that road because the efforts are way too difficult for one person. I steer them into the direction of their hobbies and interests. That’s a huge selling point when selling dating software. That you can start any type of niche dating site simply by changing up the profile questions, template images and colors. That’s how the dating software business makes money. By selling dating software to those looking to start a niche market dating site. Your marketing efforts for your dating software business should reflect that. The blogs you post and the pages you create on your site should discuss niche market dating because there’s always a niche to create and when someone hears that they will buy dating software to start it.

The online dating business is a profitable business for those large branded sites but if you want to make thousands then you need to sell dating software. So don’t start the dating site, sell the dating software.