Proven Business Model During Crisis

The reason for this post is to show you how a software business model is a proven money maker during and after a global crisis and the emphasis here will be with online dating.

Online Dating Is Hot Right Now!

It’s no secrete that there are tons of dating sites out there and because online dating is so popular, thousand of people are trying to cash in on it in the form of starting a dating site. So they go out to Google, Yahoo and Bing and do a search for dating software, dating scripts, start a dating site and a whole host of other keywords that direct them to dating software providers and that’s where I come in.

I’ve been selling dating software for over 18 years and this industry was and is a hot industry even before this current Covid pandemic. Why is it so hot right now? Because everyone is at home and all those single people are looking for dating sites so again, you have thousands of people searching for dating software to get their dating site going.

Before Covid hit people were buying dating software. Even during the 2008 recession they were buying dating software. This business model has proven to be hot and again, shows no signs of letting up but don’t take my word for it. Just go to Google and do a search for dating software or dating scripts. What do you see? You’ll see ads. These are dating software providers posting ads to get people to come and buy their dating software. That’s where you come in. As a dating software provider it’s not uncommon to make well over $10,000 each month and in some cases well over $20,000. You won’t make that kind of money with a dating site.

What other business opportunity will you find that will have you earning revenue the second you launch? I can’t think of any other sector that can say that. How? Because once your site is ready to go live you can start your social media marketing campaign or run advertising campaigns to start generating traffic to your new dating software provider website.

Why Will People Buy Your Dating Software

In the 20 plus years I’ve been in the dating industry I have put all the current and popular features inside the dating software plus stuff you won’t find on main stream dating sites. This gives people buying dating software more options. The ability to turn features on and off sets you apart from others. If you’re a US based dating software provider then you’ll make more money simply because there are more Americans here. We have over 300 million people in this country.

Are you located in the UK? Then target the UK and you can dominate the UK market. There are around 68 million people in the UK and a lot of them are looking to start a dating site. The numbers don’t lie and part of being a customer of mine is that you get access to over 18 years of dating software sales data that includes top countries, genders and age ranges. All designed to help you target people that are looking to buy dating software.

Do You Update The Dating Software?

Yes, about 3 or 4 times a year I update the dating software to include new templates, new features and new functions. All designed to be the top dating software package available and all available to you my customer.

As a customer you can also recommend features and functions that I will put into the dating software. The objective here is to make you one of the top dating software providers no matter where you’re located.