Marketing Dating Software

If you’re reading this then you’re thinking about becoming a dating software provider but one question that I get is how do you market a dating software business. In this post I’ll break down how to market your new dating software business on Google, Bing and social media.

Free Is Good!

Yes, free marketing is good and that’s where social media comes in. To be able to use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to promote your dating business you need to understand how to do a few things. I’ll detail each site below so you fully understand how to market on social media sites.

Twitter – The key to Twitter is to find big brand dating sites and look at the Followers and start to follow them. Stats show that somewhere around 25 to 30% of those you follow will follow you back. Why is this important? Because those that follow you back look at your profile and that’s free exposure. For example, say you follow on Twitter. Then you go to their Followers and start following them. They’re already following Match so they understand dating. What you’re doing is letting them know that they can make money with a dating site just like Match, the site they’re on. This is a great way to build exposure and introduce people in the dating world to your brand. 

What is good about this is that maybe you’re looking to sell niche dating software ideas to people so you can go out and find niche dating sites on Twitter and start following their followers. The possibilities are endless. 

LinkedIn – This is an interesting one. What you do is you create your own LinkedIn company page for your new software business. Make sure you have it fully set up and have some content on it. Follow it and get some friends, coworkers and family to follow too. Here’s the part where it gets interesting. What you need to do now is go to Search on LI and start finding people in the dating business. Whether it’s matchmakers, developers, marketing folks or simply some niche dating keywords. Start connecting with these people. Once you get a few hundred connections then go back to your LinkedIn company page and invite those members to your page. That’s free marketing. You’ll only be able to do 100 connections per month but again, it’s free and it works and works well.

Facebook – This is not easy as the above LI and Twitter but you can do it. It’s all about your friends that you have. First you want to create a Facebook page and get it all set up with content on it. Then you want as many friends on your account as possible. Once you have a good network of people on your account start creating content on your new FB company page and then start Liking the content. When you Like it your friends will see it. Free marketing. You can also create Facebook groups and start inviting people to that too. Again, free marketing.

The take away here with social media is not to spam! DO NOT SPAM! Make your content feel like your pushing information but don’t spam.

Can I Use Google and Bing?

Yes and you should think about that. One of the best things about Google ads is that you can target people who are looking to start a dating site. There are a ton of different keywords that you can use for your Google ads. Like “dating software” and a host of others. I have a compiled list of keywords that you can use. Sorry, that list is for my clients. 🙂

Same thing for Bing. You can start running ads on both platforms and start generating traffic and sales to your dating software business. This means you can start earning revenue from dating software sales the very first day you have your dating software business set up. 

Be careful with these platforms though. Don’t setup Smart Campaigns. You will get unwanted clicks. Set up manual campaigns on both platforms so you can control exactly who sees your dating software business ads. Be sure to select the right countries for showing the ads to. I’ve also compiled a complete list of the most countries that buy dating software. Again, this is for my clients.

Part of being a customer is that you get access to how to setup those ads the right way. You will want optimized ads that generate the best/most clicks for your money. On average you’ll spend around $.65 cents per click.

Other Dating Software Marketing Ideas

Here’s a short list of other places you can promote your new dating software business. – This is a company that I founded with one of my partners a few years ago. It’s a dating advertising network that is a CPC (Cost Per Click) and that CPC is $.50 cents per click. It’s not like Google where you have people searching for your product. It’s all about exposure to people on dating sites. It’s a great way to increase the exposure of your brand. 

Dating Banner Exchanges – This is somewhat of an older technique but they still exist and work. Just do a Google search for “Dating Banner Exchange” and you’ll find a few companies that let you swap dating banners for free. You show some dating banners on your site and they will show your dating software business banner on some sites. It’s just a simple banner exchange. Choose the free aspect to see if you get any good traction/return on it then consider paying for more banner impressions. It’s not a lot but it’s a good way for more exposure. 

In Closing

These are some of the best ways to market a dating software business. It’s what I’ve done over the years and it works well. If you follow the instructions you’ll be selling more dating software than you think. 

If you need help with marketing your new dating software business then be sure to contact me. Of course this is for customers only. I’m here to help you do this so don’t be afraid to ask.